Copying Ready-To-Wear Garments

Have a Favorite Garment Reproduced

Requirements for Copying

The original item must still be in wearable condition and must be clean. You must own the original garment & not be having it copied to resell it. Basic garments can be copied without being taken apart, but most will be taken apart to make the pattern for the new garment & can then be re-assembled.

If you find a garment you like & want one made similar to it, a commercial pattern can be purchased and adjustments can be made to compliment the original garment but not be a duplicate of it.

What to Expect

It is important to note that the copy will not be identical. The fabric, thread, buttons, snaps, zippers, trims, etc., will be different, along with any adjustments necessary to flatter your figure. The age of the original garment contributes to its fit and comfort. The copied garment will not feel the same as the original, even if it is exactly the same size.

As with many other items I design, the copy may cost more than a purchased ready-to-wear garment at retail prices. Although each situation is different, the difference in cost can be significant because it is custom fit to your needs, like a custom made garment.

Good Items for Copying

Blouses & Shirts, Dresses & Skirts, Pants & Shorts, Robes & Pajamas

Items That Will Not Be Copied

Clothing will not be copied from a photograph, although certain details may be used on a commercial pattern.

Garments for Resale, Wedding Gowns, Lingerie, Underwear, Bathing Suits, Tee Shirts, Men’s or Women’s Suits, Jackets or Coats, Knitted or Crocheted Items, Denim Jeans, Covered Belts, Embroidered Items, & Garments made of Fur, Leather, Rubber, or Vinyl.

Copying of garments consultation must be done in person at the studio by appointment only. I will not quote pricing by e-mail or on the phone. If I can not or will not copy a garment, you will be told at the consultation after the original garment is evaluated. One to three fittings will be required, depending on the garment. As with all fittings, proper undergarments must be worn to each fitting to insure a proper fit, including shoes. Call me for an appointment.


Ortiz Originals provides estimates at no cost, in-person, at the studio only. I do not respond to estimate requests made by email or the telephone. Before contacting me, please refer to my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information on this subject. All seamstress services, including alterations, re-styling, repair of clothing, designing new garments, and dressmaking, must be handled in-person at the studio. At least one personal appointment for fitting and consultation at the studio is required. Contact me to set up an appointment.