General Alterations & Custom Sewing

Alter & Repair Garments, Including Hemming, Re-styling, Re-sizing
& Wardrobe Planning

I provide custom sewing & other clothing & garment related repair & alteration services, involving the alteration, re-styling & custom fitting of business & casual clothing & uniforms. Both women & men are welcome.

Personal Service for Your Garment Needs

Since 1988, Ortiz Originals has provided custom sewing, alterations, clothing repair & mending, & garment restyling. I focus on personal service of new & repeat customers.

Alteration Services Include

  • Sleeves & Hems shortened or lengthened
  • Hemming, including Blind Hem, Machine Stitched, Euro Hem for Jeans & Cover Stitch for Knits
  • Buttons, Hooks & Eyes, or Snaps replaced or re-attached
  • Buttonholes made or repaired
  • Zippers replaced
  • Linings replaced or repaired
  • Pockets replaced or repaired
  • Shoulder Pads & Dress Shields added, replaced or removed
  • Elbow Patches added or replaced
  • Uniform Emblems added
  • Beadwork replaced or repaired


Ortiz Originals provides estimates at no cost, in person at the studio only.
I do not respond to estimate requests made by email or telephone.  Before contacting me, please see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) for further information on estimates.

NE Nebraska & SE South Dakota Clientele

All sewing services, including alterations, re-styling, repair of clothing & custom sewn new garments & dressmaking, must be handled in person at the studio by appointment. At least one personal appointment for alteration fittings & consultation at the studio will be required. Custom sewn garments will require one to three fittings. Please contact me to set up an appointment.

Re-styling or Re-sizing of Wardrobe Garments

Changes occur in styles, your tastes, or your body changes. Altering, re-styling, or re-sizing of your garments can extend their wear & offer new options for extending your existing wardrobe, saving you money. Do you have a favorite garment, but it doesn’t fit the way it uses to? Re-styling is another option to stay current in fashion. Wardrobe planning is also available in your home on an hourly rate.

With any alteration or repair, there are limitations as to what can be successfully completed, but your satisfaction is very important. Ortiz Originals will advise you if the requested alteration, adjustment or repair is possible or practically. If the cost of alterations is more than the garment
value & is not cost effective, I will advise you or offer possible alternatives.

Uniform Repair

Ortiz Originals offers repair of work & sports related uniforms. Zippers, buttons or snaps can be replaced.  Add your company logo to uniforms with custom embroidery. Digitizing of your logo is offered on hourly rate.