Products Produced by Ortiz Originals

These Handcrafted Products Make Great Gifts

Your item is made when the order is placed. No imports, inventory, & nothing is mass produced. The result is an original handcrafted item with attention to detail in every item sold. Personalized embroidery is optional & at an additional cost. If you want the item made from your fabric, arrangements must be made prior to the order being produced & the item must be prepaid. Items can be ordered online or at the studio. Prices do not include shipping & insurance.

Products Produced Include:

Modesty Panel with Embroidery

Adding a Modesty panel with Embroidery allows you to wear low-cut blouses & jackets to the workplace & maintaining a professional appearance. This light weight comfortable fabric insert, with beautiful tone on tone embroidery, avoids the bulk of a blouse under a suit, attaches to your bra strap & removes easily. Colors choices are black, white, & beige.
Prices: $30

Embroidered Hangers

Embroidered hangers are a wonderful gift and a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.
Additional pictures can be found in the Photo Gallery. Hangers are $25 each, receive a 10% discount when ordered by the dozen.

Hanger Style #1

Embroidered padded hangers provide a non-slip surface to securely hold your clothes and make a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.

Hanger Style #2

Embroidered hangers with lace provide additional elegance while still maintaining a non-slip surface to securely hold your finest clothes.

Hanger Style #3

Embroidered Security Hangers, include a hidden zipper on the back side to store your small accessories, jewelry, or money under a garment inside your closet.

Safe, Secure Online Transactions

All Ortiz Originals online transactions are handled through PayPal. Any customer with an e-mail address can complete their purchase securely, easily and quickly. You do not have to be a PayPal member to use this service.

Custom Orders:

The follow items are custom orders only. Please call for design consultation and pricing.

Knit Baby Blankets with Embroidery

Choose white, blue, or pink baby blankets knit at the studio with good quality acrylic yarn with crochet, knit, or fringe edging. Each blanket is accompanied with a signed care card. Embroidery & monogramming is available. Designs vary & price depends on the complexity of the design & stitch count. Call for a consultation.

Prices: $85 & must be prepaid because it is personalized.

Memory Bears

What is a Memory Bear? It could be a loved one’s favorite shirt, blouse, dress, sweater, suit, bathrobe, or jeans. It’s your choice of what it is made from. When you see the Memory Bear, it will bring back beautiful, loving, treasured memories of your loved one, instead of keeping the garment stored away, unavailable to your glance or touch. They are special because of the person that they are made in memory of. If you have something special you want created just for you & to cherish with you always, call me or e-mail me to discuss what I can do to keep that person close to your heart. Give them as gifts.

My first Memory Bears were for my dear Uncle Wayne. One was made for my Aunt Doris & for each of her five children. The reward of their response was overwhelming & I felt as if Uncle Wayne reached back to touched us all. It was a gift to those left behind after the loss of him, thru my heart & hands, a treasure given & received.

Your Memory Bear is made uniquely & individually for you, designed with the person, and the materials in mind, to make the sweetest & most precious bear possible. We are different individuals & so is your Memory Bear. Memory Bears are jointed at the arms, legs & neck and completely custom made. Arms & legs can be straight or bent, have hand stitched or plastic noses, & paw pads that match the fabric or of another fabric. It will bring you joy & probably some tears, but definitely comfort to you & your loved ones. Please rest assured that I will handle your loved one’s items with very loving care, as if it were my loved one’s item. I will not wash the item, as you may want to have the special smell of that person in your Memory Bear.

Each Memory Bear is 18″ tall & includes 3 Capital Initials or 1 name on one foot or left chest per bear. Additional initials or names added to the bear body are $15 per request & space is limited. Each Memory Bear purchased includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist with the name of your loved one that the bear is dedicated to. A picture of your loved one can be added to the certificate.

Normal order completion is around 12 weeks; but if there are special needs or dates, I can work with you on having them sooner, let me know when you place your order. If it is a very short turn around time, a $20 rush order charge will be added. Christmas gifts of Memory Bears must be placed by August 1 to insure your delivery for the holidays. Extra care is taken in securing the eyes & joints. If you would rather have the arms, legs & head not jointed, you will need to note this when ordering. These are good for smaller children. The eyes & mouth are hand stitched for safety & no buttons will be applied to the Memory Bear. Your Memory Bear must be prepaid because it is crafted to your specifications. Call the studio to discuss your bear. You can also leave a message and I will return your call or contact me by e-mail to discuss the fur/fabric & specified details.

Price (does not include shipping):
Regular fabric:

  • 12″ bears are $95 per bear
  • 15″ bears are $100 per bear
  • 18″ bears are $110 per bear.

Stretch fabric or knit:

  • 12″ bears are $105 per bear
  • 15″ bears are $110 per bear
  • 18″ bears are $120 per bear.

Specialty fabrics, such as real fur from coats, stoles, wraps & quilted items:
$225 to $300 per bear. Call for pricing.

Pricing does not include materials, shipping to Ortiz Originals, or the return of your Memory Bear to you. The customer provides all materials & shipping, to & from Ortiz Originals.
You can order a vest for your bear for an additional $15 or a scarf with the 2 initials or name embroidered on it for $15.

Couture Bears

Couture Bears add elegance to that special gift or can be an addition to your home décor. Your Couture Bear can be made from fur, bridal gown, prom dress, or a special heirloom fabric or garment. If the fur has a satin lining, I use it for the ear & paw pads. The Couture Bear has more extensive design details than the Memory Bear, including machine, hand crafted silk ribbon or Brazilian embroidery, or hand beading. Embellishments of jewelry or special items provided by the customer can be included, such as cuff links, buttons, service pins, Grandma’s broach, earrings, or a locket.

Couture Bears are 18″ with jointed arms, legs, & head. Each Couture Bear purchased is individually crafted & includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist. Your Couture Bear must be prepaid because it is crafted to your specifications. You can call the studio to leave a message & I will return your call or contact me by e-mail to discuss the fur/fabric & specified details.

Price: $225 to $300 per bear. Call for pricing. Price does not include materials or shipping. The customer provides these items.

Price includes two (2) initials or one (1) name on one foot, per bear. Additional initials or names added to the bear body are $15 per request.

A vest or scarf with 3 embroidered initials can be ordered for an additional $15 each.

Christening Gowns

When I was asked to be a Godmother for my great niece, Kylie Jo, I asked Kylie’s Mom, Connie, if I could make the baptismal gown. Connie said that would be great. Since I had taken classes with Martha Pullen, the Queen of Heirloom Sewing, I used Martha’s pattern, Pinafore Panel Royal Christening Gown & Rose Cascade Christening Gown Slip. I used Jim Suzio embroidery designs to add elegance. It took over 40 hours to complete. Many rows of lace sewn together, lace added, lots of embroidery, but much love went into it. On the slip, I embroidered “Family of Melvin & LaVerne Acklie” & embroidered Kylie’s name & baptismal date, as this is a very special day to remember. This gown has now become a Family Heirloom Gown. Lacey, Jayden, & Natalie also wore the gown & their names & baptismal dates were added to the slip. This is been very rewarding & become a part of our family heritage.

Christening Gowns can be made from any of the many commercial patterns from my pattern library, from simple to elegant Heirloom Gowns or Suits. Heirloom Gowns include a slip which can be embroidered with the name & baptismal date of the child, at additional cost. Detachable skirts can be made to add to the suit, making the garment suitable for girls or boys. Two months advance notice is required for basic gowns or suits & three months for Heirloom Gowns. Please contact me to discuss the garment, designing, pattern & date the gown will be needed.

Wondering what to do with your wedding gown? Have it made into a Christening Gown or Suit for your little ones. See the Photo Gallery for samples.

Embroidered Towel Sets

Towels sets add personalized beauty to any décor & make excellent gifts. This is a great gift for high school graduates leaving for college. Embroidery can be personalized with names, initials, or a bathroom theme. Contact me with your ideas. Pricing depends on the design. Full embroidery designs have more stitches than lettering only, so the price is based according to the stitch count. Because this is a personalized item, it must be prepaid, including shipping, before it will be shipped & can not be returned. Final approval from the Customer must be received before the work is done. Contact me to discuss what you are looking for.


Personalized or not, large or small, crafty or elegant, purses are very popular. Express yourself & your style. Large purses are the current range. Add an insert to keep everything in its place. Purses come with inside & outside pockets, depending on the purse style. Call for the size & style you are looking for. Different sizes are offered & pricing depends on the one chosen. Embroidery is available at an additional charge.

Pricing ranges from $25 – $65

All items are made to order, subject to availability of materials. Prices are subject to change without notice. Ortiz Originals is not responsible for typographical errors. All ordered items are subject to the Terms of Sale.