Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions most frequently asked about Seamstress Related Services, Memory & Couture Bears, Christening Gowns, geographic areas served, estimates, terms and types of payment accepted, & shipping and delivery.

1. What Types of Clothing do You Alter or Repair?

Business and Casual Clothing

  • New and existing garments, including: blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, slacks, pants, trousers, shorts, shirts, blouses, suits, jackets, & jeans.

Formal Wear

  • New and existing garments, including: dresses for all occasions, such as wedding dresses, wedding parties, proms and first communions.


  • Alter, tailor, repair, add patches and trim for police, fire, EMT, military, private schools, & clerical robes.

2. Do You Design or Construct New Clothing or Other Items?

New Clothing from a Pattern

  • Any type of commercial pattern can be used for most garments, including wedding gowns, suits, jackets, blouses, shirts, dresses, slacks, & jeans. The customer must provide the pattern, fabric and all notions.
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) patterns are offered at the studio for $25 per pattern.

Copying a Favorite You Already Own

  • Customer must provide the fabric and notions. Please see “Copying Clothing” for more information on this subject.


  • Ortiz Originals offers clothing designing services. I do not design duplicate clothing from photographs or advertisements. Details of the item may be incorporated into your garment. CAD or draping is used to design.

Non-clothing Items

  • I make and repair most non-clothing items. However, I do not upholster or make draperies. For new items, the customer must provide the pattern, fabric and notions. Please contact me to discuss your particular requirements.

Items Not Made of Fabric

  • I cannot make or repair items made of fur, some types of leather, shearing, rubber or vinyl, or items that are crocheted.

3. Tell me more about Memory Bears

Memory or Couture

  • Standard woman’s blouse – Two 12″ – 14″ bears
  • Standard men’s shirt – Two 12″ – 14″ bears
  • Standard pair of pants – Two 12″ – 14″ bears
  • Full length bathrobe – Four to six 14″ bears or Two or three 16″ bears
  • Standard small shoulder stole – Two 9″ – 12″ bears
  • Larger stole or small jacket – Two 14″ bears or One 16″ bear
  • Hip length jacket or coat – Three to four 12″ – 14″ bears or two 16″ – 18″ bears
  • Full length coat – Five to six 12″ – 14″ bears, three 16″ bears, or two 18″ bears

I have four different patterns in a range of sizes that I use, jointed & not jointed. If there is not enough fabric to make the amount of bears you are wanting, I may be able to adjust the pattern size smaller to accommodate, but no smaller than 9″ high.

Different types of furs are Mink, Muskrat, Beaver, Squirrel, Weasel, Opossum, Persian Lamb, Rabbit, Mouton, Seal, Silver Fox, & Raccoon. Different furs handle differently, but I do not suggest long hair fur for smaller bears.

Can you make duplicate Memory Bears?

Different fabrics can be combined to make bears with a quilted or patchwork look, giving several bears the same appearance. An old quilt can also be used to make a bear, with the obvious quilting design fussy cut for the chest area.

Can you combine fabric & fur for a Memory Bear?

Fabrics & fur can be combined, such as fur for the head, paws & feet but add other fabric for the main part of the body. Adding a vest can complete the combination.

How do you determine what pattern to use?

For Memory and Couture Bears, I recommend one piece bears for children, with attached head, arms & legs. Memory Bears have stitched eyes, noses & mouths that can not be pulled off. No buttons will be used. Couture bears are jointed at the head, arms, & legs & suggested for keepsakes or decoration only. They have extra specified details, which may be jewelry & various types of embroidery or trims.

Will my fur work for the bear?

Different furs will act differently. If the lining is still intact, the fur is usually usable. If the fur is dried out, it may not be usable. Call me to discuss the type of fur you have & the application. If the fur is not usable, I will not make the bear.

Do you use the lining of the garment?

If the garment has lining material it can be used for paw pads, ear pads, or noses. It could also be used for a vest or scarf. If it is too old, other purchased satin may be used.

Are the bears jointed?

Memory and Couture Bears can be jointed at the neck, arms, & legs so the bear can pose in different positions, adding character. I have several ways for jointing: plastic disks, nuts & bolts, or cording, depending on the fabric used. I do not recommend jointed bears for children, but suggest attached head, arms, & legs.

What is used for the eyes?

Hand stitched or standard acrylic bear eyes are used for Memory Bears. Acrylic eyes are more affordable, long lasting & look good. Couture bears may call for glass eyes, but will be at an additional cost. Buttons can be used for a country bear. Specify the kind you want when you place your order.

How long does it take to make a bear?

The fabric or fur must first be evaluated to see if it will stand up to the construction process. Removing a lining can take approximately one hour, with higher quality lining taking longer. Patterns must be adapted to work with the fabric or fur nap layouts, which can take several hours. The more bears I can get from each garment takes more time in pattern lay out. The joints take time to apply, which are applied with the correct amount of tension. Each bear also requires a lot of hand sewing. I estimate that each Memory Bear can take 8-12 hours. Couture Bears take an additional 10-12 hours with handwork, embroidery, or bead work.

How long does it take for delivery after the order is placed?

An average Memory Bear ships in about 2-3 weeks after the materials arrive. For Couture Bears, add another week. It depends on my work schedule, how many bears are in the order from the materials & what other orders are ahead of yours. I will e-mail you with updates as the progress. Christmas orders must be placed by August 1 to insure Christmas delivery.

What happens to the extra fabric or fur?

Usually, very little fabric or fur is left, depending on the quantity of bears ordered. Unless you specifically request it back, I will keep it & use it to alter other projects, or use it to do test samples for a new pattern or trying a new idea.

How should I ship my garment for my bear?

Pack it as compact as possible, with no garment bags or cases to return. It can be put into a plastic garbage bag & will be taken out of the packaging when it arrives.

4. Specialty Items

What sizes do you offer for Christening Gowns & Suits?

  • Small – 13-15 lbs, 25-26″ height
  • Medium – 16-18 lbs, 27-28″ height
  • Large – 19-21 lbs, 29-30″ height

Will you clean my wedding gown?

I do not offer cleaning services. You may want to have it cleaned before shipping it. I will try to work around stains.

How long are the Christening Gowns?

Lengths vary depending on the amount of usable fabric in the dress. Any length longer than the classic length of an inch or longer than the infant’s feet must be specified when ordering. Modern length is 32″-36″ & can only be done if there is enough available fabric.

Do you make suits for boys?

I can make the bodice with a tuxedo look & can add an over vest. I can also make a suit and add a detachable skirt.

How long is the delivery time for my Christening Gown or Suit after the order is placed?

Most orders take about 6 – 8 weeks from the day the materials arrive to the day it ships to you. It depends on other orders that are ahead of yours. I will e-mail updates as the item progresses. If you have a specific date the garment is needed, please specify. If I can not complete the order by the required date, I will tell you & not accept the order.

5. Do You Provide Services Outside Wausa, Nebraska?

Seamstress-related: Alterations, Tailoring, Re-styling, Dressmaking, Copying

  • Seamstress-related services are provided in the studio only! At least one personal appointment for fitting and consultation at the studio will always be required. Most of my customers reside within North East Nebraska & South East South Dakota.

Products Produced

  • Orders placed online can be delivered anywhere within the continental U.S. by Priority Mail.

Can You Provide an Estimate?

  • Estimates are provided in-person only at the studio.
  • I do not respond to e-mail or phone estimate requests.
  • Please call for an appointment.

6. What Types of Payment do you accept?


  • U.S. currency only.


  • Personal and business checks in U.S. funds, drawn on a bank located within the United States are accepted. I do not accept counter checks or third party checks.

Credit Cards

  • VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express via my PayPal account are accepted. The account must be funded by U.S. Dollars. Customers do not have to be PayPal members to use this service. Contact me for details.

What are Your Payment Terms?

  • First-time Customers – A 50% deposit is required when the project begins. The balance is due upon pickup, or prior to shipping.
  • Repeat Local Area Customers – Payment to be made, in full, upon pickup.
  • Outside Local Area Customers – A 50% deposit is required when the project begins. The balance is due upon pickup, or prior to shipping.
  • Internet Orders -Payment in full, in advance, by either check or credit card.

7. What About Shipping, Delivery or Returns?

In-person Orders

  • In-person orders do not include shipping or delivery. The customer must make their own arrangements for the pick-up of in person orders at the studio.

Internet Orders

  • I ship to addresses within the continental U.S. only, by Priority Mail. A signature may be required upon delivery. Special priority delivery service must be arranged and confirmed by me, in writing, prior to purchase.

Packages Sent to Ortiz Originals, including returns

  • Items sent to Ortiz Originals require a tracking number or return merchandise authorization, which I assign. Packages sent without either will be refused. All packages must be sent with the shipping cost prepaid. Packages sent C.O.D. or “Freight Collect” will be refused.

More Information

Some of this information is extracted from the Terms of Sale. Please refer to the complete document for details, or contact me.